Ergopet III Bellows Pipettor

Ergopet III Bellows Pipettor

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Relax, there's no reason to strain and fatigue your pipetting hand and arm with awkward positioning when working inside a hood or on the bench with serological pipettes. The new Ergopet® family of pipettors from Bel-Art Products has multiple ergonomic comfort adjustments and options to make pipetting motions better conform to your physiology and needs. In addition, there are models with extended height that raises the tip of the pipette by up to 20cm (8"), dramatically lowering the hand position. Most users will be able to rest their elbow on the bench to support their arm and pipettor. An easy to set swivel head helps to reduce awkward wrist bending associated with using standard pipettors. The head of Ergopet® pipettors can be positioned straight ahead in line with the hand or swung up to 90 degrees left or right. This allows unobstructed viewing of the pipette while aspirating and dispensing, all while maintaining a more natural hand position. To further adapt the pipettor to your physiology, the nose or chuck of the pipettor can also be rotated to change the angle of the pipette from vertical to 15 degrees outwards. The tallest models place the pipette tip on a similar plane as the hand increasing the precision of placing the pipette tip into small vessels. A raised pipette also improves accuracy of sighting of the meniscus. All models are engineered for light weight and a comfortable grip while feeling balanced in the hand. Separate soft touch aspiration and dispensing buttons are positioned to allow a relaxed yet secure grip with easy reach for fine control. The soft silicone chuck accepts glass or plastic pipettes from 1-20mL. Simply slip a pipette into the ribbed chuck for a leak free seal. A user replaceable hydrophobic filter within the chuck protects the pipette from over aspiration. This easy to use pipettor utilizes a rugged, hand-operated bellows which provides about 100mL of pipetting volume. The bellows allows for continuous and silent operation without the need for battery charging, power cords or vacuum tubing. An accessory wire rack supports the pipettor vertically when not in use.

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