Glass Containers

Glassware is the most common family of lab supplies. Glass Bottles and containers provide the best sample integrity. Glass is inert and thus more chemically compatible than plastic, so the only concern about the chemical resistance of lab glassware is the type of liner inside the cap.

All popular lab bottle styles are available, including Boston Rounds, Wide Mouth Rounds, Straight Sided Jars, Square Sided Bottles, and Plastic Coated Bottles. Other items include Erlenmeyer glass flasks and beakers, and clear and amber vials. Bottles and Jars are available in bulk packs, with or without caps attached.

  • Amber Wide Mouth Packer, 500mL, PTFE Lined Cap, case/12
    Part #: QP-GLC-02135

    $79.00 $72.60
  • 4 Liter Amber Glass Bottle with, PTFE Lined Cap, each
    Part #: EC-38GL

    $52.70 $46.11
  • Certified Clean 2oz Amber Glass Sample Jar, 53-400, case/24
    Part #: DS-APC1265

    $47.00 $39.04
  • Oval Glass Pharmacy Bottle, Vinyl Lined Caps, 6oz, case/48
    Part #: QP-GLC-13070

    $86.00 $79.06
  • Amber Boston Round, 16oz, Black Vinyl Lined Cap, case/12
    Part #: QP-GLC-01992

    $59.00 $54.50
  • 32oz Glass Jar, Straight Side Clear, PP/PTFE Liner, case/12
    Part #: WH-W216912

    $92.00 $73.53
  • Glass Jars with Suction Lid, 2oz, case/64
    Part #: MP-GJSL64

    $200.00 $165.64
  • Safety Coated Glass Jugs, 4L (3,840mL), PTFE Lined Cap, case/4
    Part #: QP-GLC-08818

    $169.00 $154.88
  • Wide Mouth Glass Bottle, 8oz, Clear, No Caps, case/24
    Part #: QP-GLA-00871

    $53.74 $50.55
  • Certified Clean 2oz Clear Glass Sample Jar, case/24
    Part #: DS-APC1130

    $77.00 $63.74
  • Clear Glass Vials, 20mL, Poly Cone Lined Cap, case/72
    Part #: QP-GLC-01001

    $110.00 $100.99
  • Clear Wide Mouth Bottle, 32oz, Green, PTFE Lined Cap, case/12
    Part #: QP-GLC-01833

    $97.00 $88.60