HDPE laboratory Jerry Cans (jerricans) have extra head space in the handle for expansion of contents. Heavy side panels offer a large flat area for clear labeling and additional information. All jerrican part numbers beginning with BA- have a built-in spout to dispense liquids, air vent for easy decanting and venting and a collapsible spout which collapses into the collar to preserve shelf space. Part numbers beginning with NG- are heavy duty Nalgene® containers intended for hard use. Items beginning with BP- are made of a proprietary barrier resin called Quoral® mixed with HDPE and are an acceptable alternative to fluorinated HDPE, metal or glass containers for shipping and packaging solvents.

  • Jerrican, 1.25 gallon, HDPE, case/12
    Part #: BA-109350000

    $625.00 $570.38
  • Jerrican, 2.5 gallon, HDPE, case/6
    Part #: BA-109360000

    $411.00 $373.55
  • 1.25 gallon Aspirator Jerrican (5 Liter) with Spigot
    Part #: BA-118590010

    $141.00 $130.06
  • 2.5 gallon Jerrican/ 10 Liter Aspirator Carboy with Spigot
    Part #: BA-118590025

    $169.00 $154.22
  • 5 gallon Jerrican / 20 Liter Aspirator Jerrican with Spigot
    Part #: BA-118590050

    $209.00 $189.91
  • Book Bottle, PP, 5 Liter
    Part #: BA-109390005

    $113.00 $106.00
  • Jerrican, 5 gallon, HDPE
    Part #: BA-109370000

    $139.00 $127.95