Microplate Equipment

CP Lab Safety offers Microplate equipment such as the Millennium 1000 microplate washer filler. This microplate washer filler is a unique processor for fully automated washing and filling of both 96- and 384-well microplates, in all possible profiles. It is designed to achieve fast and reliable microplate processing with high precision and repeatability, while allowing the user a multitude of individual adjustment possibilities. Dispensing is accurate and precise with low residual volumes, an aerosol protection cover is optional, and it's uniquely constructed for easy integration with robotic systems. There are up to 30 user-programmable wash protocols which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Microcentrifuge Tube Rack, 96-Well, pack/5
    Part #: BP-0090

    $58.00 $55.60
  • Shaking Incubator, Large Temperature Controlled Incu-Shaker
    Part #: BM-H2010

  • 12-well Inserts, 2-in-1
    Part #: BT-782720

    $422.50 $417.50
  • 24-well Insert, 2-in-1
    Part #: BT-782700

    $383.13 $378.13
  • 96 Well Plate, pureGrade Sterile, Trans F-Bottom, pack of 50
    Part #: BT-781671

  • Brandplate Insert Strips IOS, cellGrade +
    Part #: BT-782801

    $478.04 $472.85
  • MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp for one microplate
    Part #: BM-H1000-MR-MP

  • MX-M Microplate Mixer, 0-3000RPM, 110V/60Hz
    Part #: SCI-82200004

  • Standard Microplate adapter for Medium or Large Shaker
    Part #: EL-SHKR-15