Outdoor Storage Buildings

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Governmental codes dictate the correct selection and placement of hazardous chemical storage Lockers and Buildings. We can help!

Send us a quote request for your custom outdoor storage building, and we will take care of the rest.

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Prefab drum storage buildings

Pre-fabricated Hazmat storage buildings include Non-Combustible buildings and Fire-Rated* Outdoor Storage buildings, required for flammable liquid drums and Prefab Storage Buildings within a certain distance of other buildings or property lines. All of our steel prefabricated hazmat storage buildings are custom built to order. Please call us for a FREE quote at (888) 322-5722.

For larger size buildings, choose between depths of 8', 10', and 12'. FM Approved Chemical Storage Buildings are available in lengths up to 52'. Our top-grade units offer safe and compliant hazardous material storage solutions that include a built-in compliant sump.

Basic outdoor lockers are shown below. (Call to quote larger or custom outdoor storage buildings.) Accessories include heating, cooling, lights, fire suppression, leak detection, mechanical ventilation, etc.

*Chemical Storage Lockers and Buildings located within 10 feet of a main building or property line require a 4-hour fire rating. Units located more than 10 feet but less than 50 feet from a main building or property line require a 2-hour fire rating. Units more than 75 feet from such items require no fire rating. (Check with your local authorties for any variation in code requirements. Some areas have stricter requirements.)

  • Justrite® Fire Suppression, Standard-4 thru 16-Drum
    Part #: JP-915403

    $4,242.00 $3,882.87
  • Justrite® Outdoor IBC Storage Shed and Secondary Containment
    Part #: JP-28677

    $4,433.00 $4,057.74
  • Knock Down Cage for 24 Upright Gas Cylinders, Collapsible
    Part #: DN-L62-3101

    $3,871.00 $3,543.53
  • Knock Down Cage for 48 Upright Gas Cylinders, Collapsible
    Part #: DN-L62-3102

    $5,336.00 $4,884.58
  • Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet, 2-Cylinders
    Part #: SA-MG102

    $932.00 $853.05
  • Modular IBC Spill Pallet: 2-Tank, Outdoor Model
    Part #: UT-1165

    $5,301.00 $4,852.25
  • Modular IBC Spill Pallet: 3-Tank, Outdoor Model
    Part #: UT-1166

    $7,584.00 $6,942.20
  • Modular IBC Spill Pallet: 4-Tank, Outdoor Model
    Part #: UT-1167

    $9,522.00 $8,715.60
  • Modular IBC Spill Pallet: 5-Tank, Outdoor Model
    Part #: UT-1168

    $11,499.00 $10,525.75
  • N05-3004 Hazmat 2-Drum Storage Building, Non-Combustible
    Part #: DN-N05-3004

    $7,029.00 $6,433.66
  • N05-3009 Hazmat 4-Drum Storage Building, Non-Combustible
    Part #: DN-N05-3009

    $8,994.00 $8,232.24
  • N05-3015 Hazmat 6-Drum Storage Building, Non-Combustible
    Part #: DN-N05-3015

    $12,154.00 $11,125.13
  • N05-3020 Hazmat 8 Drum Storage Building, Non-Combustible
    Part #: DN-N05-3020

    $13,708.00 $12,547.59
  • N05-3030 Hazmat 10 Drum Storage Building, Non-Combustible
    Part #: DN-N05-3030

    $17,181.00 $15,726.43
  • N05-4004 Hazmat 2-Drum Storage Building, Fire Rated
    Part #: DN-N05-4004

    $11,498.00 $10,472.55
  • N05-4009 Hazmat 4-Drum Storage Building, Fire Rated
    Part #: DN-N05-4009

    $14,420.00 $13,198.89
  • N05-4015 Hazmat 6-Drum Storage Building, Fire Rated
    Part #: DN-N05-4015

    $19,093.00 $17,476.11
  • Outdoor Storage Locker, 2 Hour Fire Rated, 12-Drum
    Part #: JP-912120