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Polyethylene Safety Cans

Choose Nonmetallic HDPE (polyethylene) Safety Cansfor dent and chemical resistance. Cans are inert so they standup to tough acids and corrosives, and heat, and they're priced lower than stainless steel. FM approved.

justrite logoAll Justrite® polyethylene safety cans are manufactured with unique conductive current-carrying carbon insert imbedded into the ribs of the container as a ground path between the cover assembly and the flame arrester in the spout. When used with a grounding strip, this provides proper grounding and prevents the creation of an arc during filling or pouring. The self-close cap, pressure relief mechanism and dual-density flame arrester work together to prevent ignition sources from entering without restricting liquid flow in or out of the can.

eagle logoEagle® HDPE Safety Cans meet OSHA requirements, are Factory Mutual (FM) approved, and help reduce the danger of explosions resulting from ignition of vapors of flammable liquids. These cans are impact resistant, non-corroding, and will not rust. They are impervious to many liquid chemicals, solvents, and corrosives.