Reusable Surgical Bouffant Caps, Cotton, pack/5

Reusable Surgical Bouffant Caps, Cotton, pack/5

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Our Standard (Short) or Long Reusable Head Covers:

  • All day comfort. You decide how snug you want it.
  • Doesn't give you "hat head" when removed.
  • Doesn't give you an indentation across your forehead like elastic ones do.
  • 100% breathable cool cotton.
  • Super Eco-Friendly and compostable.
  • Standard / Short size fits most heads from bald to bushy, grapefruit to pumpkin. Easily covers buns and shoulder length ponytails.
  • Long size made for long ponytails and dreadlocks, large amounts of hair that are not easily covered with a standard bouffant.
  • Ties in back allow for easy adjustments for size.
  • This cloth scrub cap is washable 50 to 70 times
  • Pick your look: pull it down in back for a smooth countour along the head or keep it as a flat, classic bouffant hat.
  • Cover ears or wear above.

Approximate dimensions for Surgical Scrub Caps

  • 4” high in front
  • 5” high on sides
  • 8 ½” from front to back
  • 6” from side to side.
  • Ties in the back to adjust as necessary

Why the Shortage? About 10 years ago, most hospitals moved to disposable spunbound polypropylene (plastic) disposable shower cap type hats for head covers. But currently, that raw material is all being used up to make the more popular gowns and face masks. Therefore, there has been a huge shortage of head covers… until now. This is a perfect time for the world to return to reusable, natural and washable cloth head covers. They're cheaper to own, better looking and 1000X better for the environment. 

Terminology: Surgeons use skull caps, surgical caps or bandanas. Nurses use scrub caps or bouffant caps. Nurses in operating rooms use surgical caps and those in the food industry use head or hair covers. We use the terms interchangeably here, since they are all head and hair covers and generally the same design and usable in all industries.

Head Cover Frequently Asked Questions

What are the FDA rules and regulations for Bouffant caps and Surgical Head Covers? 

Let me sum up what the FDA says about Bouffant Caps and Surgical Hats to save you the trouble. They classify head covers as a Class 1 non-medical device and are exempt from FDA regulations. Their main advice is that you cover as much hair as you can with your head cover. 

Which material is the best for surgical caps or bouffant cap head covers? A wide variety of materials are used to make reusable and washable surgical, scrub, skull and bouffant caps. Polyester/cotton mixes, wool and 100% cotton. Polyester is a nice material for some things, but it does not breath well, is warm and can get stinky. Cotton is expensive but is the best for all-day comfort. 

The  5 reasons to only use cotton reusable head covers are:

  1. Cotton breathes well - The highest quality shirts are made of 100% cotton because they breathe well and you won't sweat. A lot of heat leaves our bodies through our head, so 100% cotton reusable head covers make the most sense. 
  2. Cotton washes thoroughly - Cotton cloth is hard for infectious microbes to hold on to. Polyester fabrics often develop odors because microbes aren't as easily washed off.
  3. Body temperature regulation - A luxury bedding manufacturer told me that the expensive and quality hotels only buy 100% cotton bedding so people sleep better.
  4. Cotton is environmentally friendly - You can compost 100% cotton garments for the garden. Is does not linger in landfills like man made products.
  5. Cotton is absorbent - When you're sweating in a hot room, cotton soaks it up and evaporates it out.

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