Salvage & Overpack Drums

Drums by the truckload

Salvage Drums are perfect for shipping leaky, damaged or non-compliant 55-gallon steel or poly drums. They're also useful as a safeguard against drums that can rupture during transport. Overpack Drums are used as extra protection for transporting non-leaking drums and do not meet the stringent requirements of Salvage Drums for transporting leaky hazardous waste.
Salvage Drums can be used for the following applications: overpacking of damaged or leaking drums and containers, collection and transport of soiled sorbents, clean-up of contaminated sites, emergency response, direct containment and transport of hazardous solids, and can be used as spill kits. Use Savage drums in spill kits so you meet DOT requirements should you ever need to use the kit, and safely store the soiled sorbents until they can be properly disposed of.

What is the difference between an Overpack Drum and a Salvage Drum?

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