Breaking the Fire Triangle

fire triangle graphic

Stay Informed about Fire Safety!
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In the laboratory environment, an essential part of any fire safety program is to control the evaporation of flammable gases into the surrounding air to prevent accidental fires.

How a lab fire typically starts & how the ECO Funnel™ can break the cycle:

How the Eco funnel solves the problem
  1. When chemical waste sits in an open container, the chemicals slowly escape into the air.
  2. Any excess heat, spark, or flame can then potentially cause the fuel in the air to ignite.
  3. The flame can then spread to the rest of the laboratory and cause significant damage.
  4. The ECO Funnel™ has a lid, which is closed after the waste chemicals are poured into it. No air can get in or out.
  5. With the lid closed, the internal gasket provides double protection against chemical evaporation.
  6. The spark has no fuel to feed it. The fire will eventually burn out without fuel. The closed lid prevents the 3rd requirement of the fire triangle, eliminating the threat.

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