5 gallon Jerrican / 20 Liter Aspirator Jerrican with Spigot

5 gallon Jerrican / 20 Liter Aspirator Jerrican with Spigot

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20 liter / 5 gallon
spigot carboy
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5 Gal Jerrican / 20 Liter Aspirator Jerrican with Spigot. Use this space-saving, high-density polyethylene Jerrican while it is on the shelf. A half turn will open or close the spigot. Jerricans have a built-in spout with separate air vent cap for smooth pouring and venting as needed. The spout retracts into the collar to conserve shelf space when transported or stored. Spigot may be unthreaded and replaced with included threaded plug for safer transport. A large, molded-in top handle and hand grip on the bottom gives positive control when pouring. Additionally, the wide base ensures stability. Heavy side panels on all models include a large smooth molded-in area for clear labeling and additional information. The Jerricans are graduated in U.S. gallons and liters and have extra headspace for expansion of contents.

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