AP60V, Vertical Fume Box, Special Order

AP60V, Vertical Fume Box, Special Order

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Vertical Fume Box, Special Order. (This is a vertical version of our horizontal fume box.)

  • Low-profile, completely portable, no ductwork required. Approximately 21.25" x 19.75" x 12"
  • Compact size, easily positioned on shallow countertops or counters with overhanging wall cabinets.
  • Clear viewing enclosure prevents chemical splash.
  • Modular design permits multiple configurations.

Typical Applications

  • Soldering
  • Histology
  • Cover slipping
  • Staining
  • Pathology
  • Graphic arts, sign shops
  • Art conservation
  • Electronics assembly
  • Particulate control
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Air purification

Fume Box, AP60H shown with Multiplex filtration system. Room air enters from the front of the cabinet through the pre-filter where larger particles are trapped, increasing the service life of the main filter. The Fume Box, dust and particulates with filtration efficiency superior to 95.5% down to 0.5 microns. Main Filter. Activated Carbon FILTCO Sourced. A single carbon filter containing chemically-formulated activated carbon granules is selected when ordering to accommodate a specific vapor or family of vapors. HEPA Filter. A self-contained Camfil-Farr HEPA filter is designed to physically capture particles larger than 0.3 microns. Carbon Filters Air Science carbon filters are based on enhanced, activated carbon particle formulations from specially selected, naturally occurring raw material superior to wood or other organic sources. Our carbon is treated to attain the proper porosity and aggregate surface area and to react with several ranges of aerosolized chemicals moved through the filter by an air handling blower. The following table specifies the standard formulations of carbon available within our Multiplex filtration Technology.

Filter Summary:

Formula Description
GP Plus! The most widely used filter in the range, primarily for solvent, organic, and alcohol removal.
ACI Plus! Neutralizes volatile inorganic acid vapors.
ACR Iodine and methyl iodide vapors. It is frequently used for iodination reactions with low level radioactive iodine.
ACM Mercury vapor.
AMM Removes vapors from dilute ammonia solutions and to remove low molecular weight amines.
SUL Designed to remove hydrogen sulphide and low molecular weight mercaptans.
CYN Removal of hydrogen cyanide. Many cyanide compounds will evolve HCN gas if acidified, so this fi liter is normally specified if working with any cyanide compound.
FOR Designed to oxidize formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde fumes. It is widely used in hospital pathology laboratories.
ETH Diethyl ether is adsorbed on activated carbon, but because of its low boiling point, local heat adsorption can reduce the capacity of the filter. Special impregnation allows a chemical reaction which increases the filter capacity.
EDU Designed to handle chemicals normally used is a university level chemistry curriculum.
MIL As the name implies, this filter is designed for military applications involving war gasses.
HEPA / ULPA Powders and particulates.

Blower Low-noise ebm-papst? centrifugal fanElectrical120v 60hz; 220 50hz available, specify when ordering. Electrical Switches Main On/Off

Options and Accessories

<="#F1F5FA" >AP60EX <="#f1f5fa">TRAY-AP60
Fume Box, exhaust port on your equipment, or desk mount scoop.
Polypropylene Construction*: Units available in all polypropylene construction AP60H-PP AP60V-PP AP60EX-PP
Spill Tray: Polypropylene spillage tray, slides out for easy cleaning

*Factory installed, specify when ordering. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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