Beta Radiation Protection Storage Box with Lid, 9 x 6 x 7"

Beta Radiation Protection Storage Box with Lid, 9" x 6" x 7"

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Beta Radiation Protection Storage Box with Lid, 9 x 6 x 7".

Beta Radiation Protection shielding box is for storage of a wide variety of laboratory products. Available in many sizes to suit almost every need. 100% shielding from 32P emitters. Hinged lid for easy handling. All supplied with non-skid feet and radiation hazard labels. All dimensions are internal (ID). Racks are for use with 172684 Mini Beta Storage Box only. Contact us for Custom Sizes

  172105 172654 172664 172684
Description Slim Desktop Bin Mini
Length inches 4 6 8 2.5
Width inches 8 6 8 6.5
Height inches 15.5 6 10 3.375

All Dynalon Beta Radiation Protection products are manufactured in the United States using Acrylic sheet certified by an independent organization to be 100% effective in shielding against beta radiation.

Important Cleaning Note:
Should the acrylic surfaces of acrylic products need cleaning, DO NOT USE ANY SOLVENTS OR ABRASIVES (alcohol, acetone, etc...) USE OF THESE MATERIALS WILL CAUSE CRACKING OR CRAZING OF THE ACRYLIC. For general cleaning wash the surface with a mild detergent and soft cloth, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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