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2016 Safety Training Survey - What's your Training Budget?

Posted by Kristi Williams on 9th Aug 2016

The National Safety council recently conducted their 2016 Safety Training Survey to find out how much the average organization spends on training. The survey involved participants from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction and transportation, who shared their overall training budgets, budget per learner and training methods. The top five most common challenges when it came to training were:

  • 1.Keeping the message fresh – Many employees hear the same safety guidelines every year. Coming up with new ways to present the material can become difficult.
  • 2.Language and literacy barriers – For many employees, English is not their first language. Converting training material from English to Spanish is a must to conduct proper training.
  • 3.Engaging workers – Getting employees to understand the importance of their safety training and how it’s relevant to their workplace continues to be a challenge.
  • 4.Time restraints – With employees working different schedules it become difficult to find the time to train them together.
  • 5.Leadership support – Convincing management of the importance in safety training and that it’s still productive even if the employees aren’t “working”.

Below is an infographic of the survey’s other findings. To read the full story, please visit Safety + Health Magazine’s website .