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Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Gadget Geeks

Posted by Michelle Walters on 8th Nov 2018

Check out these top holiday gift picks for gadget freaks! We've assembled a unique gift buying guide for the hard-to-please person in your life who has a soft spot for all things new and interesting:

Digi-note voice recording sticky note padDIGI-note™ the talking sticky note!

Brand new to the market, this little device is a voice recording "note pad" that eliminates the need for sticky notes. It is magnetic, so it sticks to the fridge if you want to leave a note for your family members, or you can just leave it on a desk of a coworker with a recorded voice memo instead of taking the time to write a message. There are 30 seconds of recording time and it's rechargeable with a micro USB cable when the battery gets low. $9.99

ECO Battery Bin®
for testing batteries around the house or office

The ECO Battery Bin was invented in Europe with the intention of reducing battery waste. Instead of throwing out batteries when you don't know if they're good, you can test them on this little device to see how much charge remains. If the battery is dead, tape over the contact point and toss it in the bucket for future disposal. It's a great way to collect dead batteries and ensure that healthy batteries stay in use. $29.99

ECO Battery Bin front view ECO Battery Bin

Periodic Table of Elements Lanyard
for showing off your love of science!

This unique lanyard has been making waves among science geeks. It features all the elements on the periodic table in a colorful pattern. $9.99

periodic table of elements lanyard

universal pocket screwdriver

Universal Pocket Screwdriver

This snowflake multitool is made of stainless steel and fits 18 different sizes of screw and bolt including the most common phillips and flathead screws. Only 2.7 ounces and just about 2.5" in diameter! Keep it in your junk drawer for emergencies or stick it in your glove box just in case! $5.00

If you have other great gift ideas for techies and gadget geeks, please let us know!