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Why Use Amphomag to Neutralize Chemical Spills?

Posted by Kristi Williams on 9th Mar 2016

Since 2005, the chemical spill neutralizer Amphomag® has played an integral role in the  MERIT Training Program, a Pennsylvania-based tactical training program for law enforcement. The purpose of MERIT is to give law enforcement professionals the skills to discover and dismantle methamphetamine labs and cleaning up when chemical hazards are present.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, meth labs can range from crude makeshift outfits to 

technologically advanced operations and can be housed just about anywhere. Furthermore, the various ways in which meth is generated can include many different chemicals, by-products and hazards. Smoke from methamphetamines, whether being used recreationally or from the manufacturing process, contaminates its surroundings and makes it hazardous to its occupants. To return a former meth lab to a nontoxic environment two precautions must be taken:

  • 1.All gross contamination must be removed.
  • 2.Remediation of all interior structures and surrounding area isrequired.

The process of remediation entails using approved decontamination procedures to return a reclaimed meth lab to inhabitable space.

Jake Merit, the founder of the MERIT Training Program states, “With proper training, law enforcement agencies can safely dispose of 90 percent or more of all meth lab chemicals and items at the fraction of the cost. We test gas  generators and one-pot meth labs on site with pH paper, determine what acid it contains, add Amphomag to  the bottle, stir, neutralize and throw [it] away.” The ongoing fight against meth labs normally involves third party cleanup crews, but by using Amphomag® as an alternative law enforcement can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Cleaning up hazardous chemical spills in any environment can be extremely dangerous. Environmentally friendly Amphomag® is a safe amphoteric material for acid-based neutralization, universal spill clean-up and vapor suppression. When applied to an unknown spill, the absorbent powder visually indicates the spill’s chemical origin by changing color: red for acids and blue for bases (multi-range pH indicator). Once the spill has been successfully neutralized the material changes color a second time, ending up either yellow or green.

If chemical spills occur in your industry, products like Amphomag® are a vital component to spill danger, mitigation and cleanup. The combination of enhanced safety and reduced cost is sure to meet the approval of safety officers, personnel and management.

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