Cellulose Filter Paper, Qualitative Grade CFP1, pack/100

Cellulose Filter Paper, Qualitative Grade CFP1, pack/100

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Qualitative and quantitative cellulose filter paper is available in a wide range of grades to meet different separation applications.

Qualitative Cellulose

Qualitative cellulose filter papers perform separation by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media is widely used in methods requiring the determination and identification of particulate in both liquids and gas. Also this natural fiber filter paper is commonly used to clarify liquid samples.

Also available in fluted grades, which are easier to use and more convenient than flat filters when used in a filter funnel. This format reduces your preparation time due to its sharply creased prefolded pattern. Widely used for general laboratory separation and clarification applications as well as for soil analysis methods.

Paper making capabilities:

  • Paper making machines in flat bed, slant bed, high speed fourdrinier and rotary forming styles.
  • Furnish capabilities of: glass blends, cotton cellulose, soft wood, cotton/wood pulp, synthetics
  • Various levels of water filtration, including R.O. for superior purity in analytical and diagnostic applications.
  • Web widths from 24" 60.9cm to 72" 182.8cm.
  • Basis weights from 8lb to 138lb @ 3000ft2 13g/m2 to 225g/m2.
  • Binder free, Binder burn off, Acrylic, PVA and hybrid chemistries.
  • Gantry mounted traversing densitometry as well as most other high-resolution verification sensors.
  • Static pressure, mixed and multi-stage head boxes.
  • Binderless, mixed box, spray on and pulper-saturation style binder introduction.
  • Single and multi-stage vacuum boxes.
  • Several screen variants for very high consistency formation.
  • Wet stream or dry deckle trim.
  • Unique end of machine board cut-off capability for very high density, high basis weight celluloses.
  • FDA grade manufacturing capabilities.
  • Lot selection, furnish verification and supply chain assurance.
  • Cotton batch traceability "to farm" with unique commodity procurement services.

Converting capabilities:

After the papermaking process is complete, our experienced converting staff brings your project from large master rolls down to narrow reels or sheets with ease. Sheeting, die cutting and other unique converting operations are performed at our Hawthorne, NJ facility under our strict ISO production environments.

  • High speed rotary knife sheeting +/- 0.03125".
  • Low speed, multi roll CNC sheeting +/- 0.03125".
  • Low tensile strength sheeting capabilities handling the most challenging binderless glass grades to 60" web width.
  • Vacuum stack counting with laser verification and tab insertion minimum 5 sheet count.
  • Narrow roll slitting down to 1/4inch web width even in low tensile glass microfiber.
  • Shaftless rewind with core ID's down to 1/2inch ID.
  • Die cutting in manual, semi-automatic and automatic repeating modes. Slow speed, platen, clicker, c-frame, fixed tool and bottom-up presses.
  • Tonnage from 1 to 140ton in hydraulic and mechanical types.
  • Narrow web <5.125" 13cm rotary die cutting with unique "zero-tensile" capabilities, inline micro perforation and rotary parts cut-off. Vacuum in-field parts removal.
  • Programmable guillotine cutters from 30 to 44" 76.2cm - 111.76cm width.
  • Spreading table station for woven fabrics fabrication.
  • Hole drilling, slotting and complex notching.
  • Heat treating processes ranging from low temp, long exposure to flash and 1100°C muffle furnace treatments.
  • Laminating via heat set, single and dual surface in web widths of 60".

CFP1 Features

  • Very widely used filter media demonstrating retention of approximately 11 µm and medium flow rate
  • Used in a broad range of laboratory and environmental applications, this media is ideally suited in separating lead sulfate, calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate precipitates
  • This media is the standard for agricultural procedures such as soil and seed sample testing
  • Also, it is commonly used as a separation media in the food and beverage industry to extract liquids from solid samples

Due to the consistent bright white color of this media, it is ideal for photometric stain intensity measurement of air samples. The media can also be impregnated with reagents for use in quantifying optical reflectance in gas detection procedures.

Part # Size GE/Whatman Equivalent Ahlstrom Equivalent MFS/Advantec Equivalent
IWT-CFP1-032 3.2cm diameter 1001-032 n/a n/a
IWT-CFP1-042 4.25cm diameter 1001-042 6010-0425 n/a
IWT-CFP1-055 5.5cm diameter 1001-055 6010-0550 n/a
IWT-CFP1-070 7.0cm diameter 1001-070 6010-0700 n/a
IWT-CFP1-090 9.0cm diameter 1001-090 6010-0900 n/a
IWT-CFP1-110 11.0cm diameter 1001-110 6010-1100 N0211.0CM
IWT-CFP1-125 12.5cm diameter 1001-125 6010-1250 N0212.5CM
IWT-CFP1-150 15.0cm diameter 1001-150 6010-1500 N0215.0CM
IWT-CFP1-185 18.5cm diameter 1001-185 6010-1850 N0218.5CM

Qualitative Cellulose Grades

Filter Media Retention Flow Ash Content % Basis Weight g/m2 Thickness mm
CFP1 11 µm Medium 0.05 86 0.2
CFP2 8 µm Medium-Slow 0.05 101 0.17
CFP3 6 µm Slow 0.05 190 0.32
CFP4 25 µm Fast 0.05 94 0.21
CFP5 2.5 µm Slow 0.05 97 0.195
CFP6 3-4 µm Slow 0.22 103 0.177

Qualitative Cellulose Grades - Technical Applications

Filter Media Furnish Ash Content % Retention Flow Basis Weight g/m2 Thick mm Avail. Flat/Fluted Surface Brightness
CFP200 Cotton 0.1 1-5 µm Slow 95 0.17 Flat Smooth White - High
CFP201 Cotton 0.1 7-14 µm Medium-slow 70 0.16 Flat Smooth White - High
CFP801 Cotton 0.1 5-15 µm Medium-slow 70 0.16 Fluted Smooth White - Medium
CFP202 Cotton/Binder n/a 15-19 µm Medium fast 90 0.3 Flat Crepe White - Low
CFP802 Cotton/Binder n/a 15 µm Fast 70 0.22 Fluted Crepe Gray - Low
CFP113 Cotton/Binder n/a 25-30 µm Very Fast 120 0.44 Flat Crepe Gray - Low
CFP1384 Softwood/Binder n/a 25-33 µm Fast 70 0.23 Flat Crepe White - Low
CFP1202 Softwood/Binder n/a 35-40 µm Very Fast 140 0.66 Flat Crepe White - Low
CFP226 Cotton/Binder n/a 20-25 µm Fast 70 0.24 Flat


Gray - Low
CFP230 Cotton/Binder n/a 30 µm Very Fast 120 0.44 Flat Crepe Gray - Low
CFP114 Cotton/Binder 0.1 4-12 µ Medium 85 0.2 Fluted Smooth White - High
CFP1312 Softwood/Cotton/Binder 0.24 20-30 µm Fast 85 0.22 Flat Rough White - high


  • Filter Media: Nomenclature is serialized and no indication of grade or quality
  • Furnish: The raw materials used in the manufacture of the wet laid product
  • Ash content: Dry method, determined in exposure at 900 ºC in muffle furnace
  • Retention: Nominal retention of particulate at 98% efficiency in liquid
  • Flow: Liquid flow rate speed relative to other comparable products listed in this product alignment
  • Basis weight: Nominal weight of material per meter2 indicated "gram weight" unit of measure at 8% moisture
  • Thickness: As measured under 4 psi using TAPPI method T411
  • Flat/Fluted: Flat stock is supplied as sheets, rolls or die cut parts. Fluted is ¼ or ½ quadrant funnel folding
  • Surface: Stated as relative to comparable products listed in this product alignment
  • Brightness: Stated as relative to comparable products listed in this product alignment


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