Clone-Pik, Sterile, to Transfer Bacteria, case/10

Clone-Pik, Sterile, to Transfer Bacteria, case/10

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Manually pick and transfer bacteria colonies without the PCR inhibition associated with using wooden toothpicks. 96 individual pockets hold 96 sterile tips, each one separately accessed so the rest remain sterile until they are needed. Simply use the Clone-Pik wand to puncture a well, insert wand into the hole, and it will automatically grab onto the enclosed pick tip. After use, you can eject the pick tip from the reusable wand with the click of a button and move on to the next well. Sterile, simple, and innovative way to minimize the risk of cross contamination during bacteria colony transfer.

Case of 10 Clone-pik units. Each unit has 96 individual sterile bacteria transfer picks for a total of 960 sterile transfers.

Rapid screening for DNA inserts in plasmid vectors is increasingly being performed by amplification via the PCR with primers flanking the cloning site of the vector. Whole genome projects are now predicated on this approach with insert fragments so amplified for direct automatic sequencing. Bacterial clones containing recombinant plasmids are simply picked from the selective agar Petri plate and transferred directly into the PCR mix. Often this is accomplished with wooden tooth picks, so common in any microbiology laboratory.

However, reports warn of inhibition to the PCR from certain types of clone transfer devices such as wooden toothpicks used for transferring bacterial clones into PCR mixes. The Clone-Pik takes the worry out of your work by offering reliability. This simple plastic device (pre-loaded in boxes of 96) is designed for manual picking and transfer of colonies. Representative lots of the Clone-Pik are tested for absence of DNA and PCR inhibitors. And, rest assured, they are also free of DNase and RNase and sterilized.

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