Cuvette, Polystyrene, Macro, 2.5mL-4.5mL, case/500

Cuvette, Polystyrene, Macro, 2.5mL-4.5mL, case/500

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BRAND plastic cuvettes are an excellent choice for most spectrophotometry applications in the visible and near- UV range. When manufactured from PS and PMMA, they provide accurate, reliable results even at wavelengths as low as 300nm. These disposable cuvettes are available in macro and semi-micro sizes to accommodate most sample volumes. BRAND plastic cuvettes are compatible with most spectrophotometers and photometers using a standard 10mm path length. Easy to Use: BRAND plastic disposable cuvettes include an arrow mark to indicate direction of transmission and reduce variation. Options for Most Needs: PS and PMMA cuvettes are available in both macro and semi-micro sizes to adapt to the needs of most laboratory applications. Semi-micro cuvettes require only 1.5mL of sample volume to provide reliable, accurate results. Perform Consistently: Cuvettes are manufactured from high-quality materials, and are grouped by manufacturing mold cavity number to ensure the lowest variation in extinction coefficient. Manufactured by BRAND: One of the world's largest producers of cuvettes, BrandTech's over twenty years of quality cuvette manufacturing experience is your assurance of reliability. Plastic Cuvette Compatibility Chart

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