Global Drum Funnel, Hinged Cover, Spout for 30-55 gal drums,

Global Drum Funnel, Hinged Cover, Spout for 30-55 gal drums,

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The Universal Ultra Drum Funnel with spout is designed to fit 55 and 30 gallon drums, both tight head drums and open head drums. Its large 29" diameter offers a big target for pouring wastes into drums, eliminating overspills commonly associated with smaller funnels. Helps keep drum tops clean and in compliance. Flat inner surface allows paint cans, buckets and bottles to drain passively. Unique zigzag channeled surface diffuses splashing.

This Drum Funnel securely fits nearly every 55 gal tight head steel or polyethylene drum manufactured throughout the world. This one of a kind funnel features 8 locator feet with 4 different centers around its lower circumference, allowing it to fit tightly on drums with varying diameters. No more wobbles or tips!

  • Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Rugged, polyethylene funnel offers a 22" wide "target," eliminating overspills which commonly occur with conical funnels.
  • patented, zigzagged pouring surface quickly settles liquids as they are being poured.
  • Horseshoe design feature allows installation of a Pop Up Fill Gauge (Part# UT-9985) which allows accurate monitoring of liquid level inside the drum to prevent messy overfilling.
  • Lockable cover prevents contamination of contents

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