HeviMover Machine Roller, 6.5"W x 4.875"H x 12.75"D

HeviMover Machine Roller, 6.5"W x 4.875"H x 12.75"D

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HeviMover Machine Roller, 6.5"W x 4.875"H x 12.75"D

HeviMovers™ are made with precision ground and hardened steel rollers that form an endless chain which revolves around a central load-bearing plate in the frame. Weight of the load is transferred directly from load-bearing plate to rollers. This eliminates axle friction and requires less power to start and move the load. HeviMovers™ roll easily over cracks and pitted floor areas to reduce possible damage to goods.

  • Swivel-top for maximum maneuverability, full 360º rotation.
  • Spring-loaded locking mechanism at 45º intervals.
  • Only periodic cleaning and light re-oiling of roller chain needed.
Capacity 30000 lb
Roller Width 4"
Roller Diameter 1.1875"
Overall Width 6.5"
Overall Height 4.875"
Overall Depth 12.75"
Weight 52 lb

Drawing for HeviMover™ Machine Roller (480004)

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