HPLC Poly Manifold Extender with SS "stacker" Connector

HPLC Poly Manifold Extender with SS "stacker" Connector

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This accessory requires either Justrite manifold # 28177 or 28178 to work correctly. The Justrite manifold #28179 has a "stacker" connection enabling it to screw into the top of either manifold (our part # JP-28177 or JP-28178) and allowing for a total of 12 waste lines instead of 6 to be fed into the disposal can.

This product enables multiple manifolds to used on a single QD the waste container, because one quick-disconnect fitting must remain unused to permit venting and prevent back pressure.

The HPLC Stacker Manifold for stainless steel quick disconnect safety cans features a different bottom connection, enabling it to be attached directly to the center hole in another manifold. The connector is made of 316 stainless steel.

Manifold has six 1/4-28 ports and one 3/8" NPT port, similar to other HPLC manifolds. The six ports are tapped to accommodate the 1/4-28 threads of the compression fittings, which are sold separately and accommodate tubing sizes of either 1/16" and 1/8" OD. (Plugs for unused ports are included with the manifold, shown here in black and natural color.)

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