Justrite 08501 Bonding Wire with Alligator Clip and "C" Clamp

Justrite 08501 Bonding Wire with Alligator Clip and "C" Clamp

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Use antistatic wires to prevent sparks from static electricity generated by movement and flow of flammable liquids. During waste collection operations, use one antistatic wire to bond from a safety container to a receiving vessel such as a funnel, then properly ground by attaching a second antistatic wire to the drum and then to an earth ground. Standard wire lengths are 3-foot (1-M) and 10-foot (3-M); for longer reach, use several wires with ¼-in (6-mm) terminal ends. Custom length assemblies are available in 3-foot (1-M) increments.


  • Reduce fire risks by preventing sparks from static electricity
  • Flexible wire


  • Model No.: 08501
  • International Model No.: 08501
  • Material Specifications: Flexible Wire
  • Net Weight, lbs: 0.5
  • Net Weight, kg: 0.2
  • End Connection 1: "C" Clamp
  • End Connection 2: Alligator Clip

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