Kimble Safety System 3 Closures with GL 45 to Solvent Bottle Adapter, Case/1

KIMBLE® Mobile Phase Cap Adapter, GL-45 to 38mm Solvent Bottles

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Safety System 3 is a unique Solvent Bottle Adapter that is made from PBT and converts ULTRAWARE® GL-45 mobile phase caps to standard 4L solvent bottles for direct connection to your HPLC pump. It is also available without the solvent bottle-to-GL-45 thread adapter.

Eliminates the safety hazards of aluminum foil-wrapped solvent containers

ULTRA-WARE® Economy Three Hole Cap is manufactured from PTFE with a TFE/propylene o-ring and a polypropylene screw collar.

Three connecting threads on top of the cap use standard ¼"-28 flangeless fittings

Two ports have 1/8" through-holes for connection to the inlet / sparge filter.

The third port has a 1/16" through-hole used as a vent port during sparging

Included with your Safety System 3 is the unique Bottom-of-the-Bottle Inlet/ Sparge Filter.

The filter combines the functions of an inlet filter with a sparger in a single, convenient device

Sparging bubbles are prevented from entering the mobile phase stream while allowing the pump to draw all but a few milliliters of solvent from the reservoir or bottle

All PEEK construction makes it ideal for virtually all mobile phases

Supplied with 2 μm porosity frits and connections for 1/8" OD tubing.

Each Safety System 3 consists of the following:

953913-5000 1 ea. Economy 3-Hole Cap, GL-45

953907-0000 1 ea. Solvent Bottle Adapter, GL-45 (included with 953930-0000 only)

953916-3002 1 ea. Combination Inlet / Sparge Filter, 2 μm, PEEK

420821-0018 2 ea. Flangeless Nut, ETFE, ¼"-28 x 1/8"

420822-0018 2 ea. Flangeless Ferrule, ETFE, 1/8" (Optional)

953913-0001 1 ea. Vent Port Plug, ETFE, ¼"-28

420823-0018 1 ea. Tubing, FEP PTFE, 1/8" OD x 1/16" ID x 10"

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