Polyvinyl Alcohol Solution, 5%, 3.8 Liters

Polyvinyl Alcohol Solution, 5%, 3.8 Liters

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3.8 liter


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Polyvinyl Alcohol Solution, 5%, 3.8 Liters.
  • Catalog Number: IS25024
  • CAS # (Mixture)
  • Shelf Life (months): 12
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Harmonization code: 3905.30.00.00
  • DOT Description: Non Regulated

Safety Data Sheet

Note: These chemicals are for research & laboratory use only. Your order will not be processed if you do not work for, and ship to, a registered laboratory or research facility. Not for topical applications. An official Declaration of Use form may be required.

Chemicals cannot be expedited.

Please note: This product is not returnable.

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