Post Guard Column Sentry Column Protector, Choose Shape and Size

Post Guard Column Sentry Column Protector, Choose Shape and Size

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Column Sentry, 42" H with low-density polyethylene

Column Sentry protectors were created to prevent expensive damage to columns in the workplace. The patented air-vent chamber provides incredible protection by allowing air to escape from the device during impact without splitting open the sides of the product. The Safety Yellow color of the Column Sentry increases visibility to help avoid accidental damage. Each Column Sentry protector is comprised of two pieces molded from low-density polyethylene with a minimal thickness of .25". All sentries are 42" high and are secured around the column by a set of sturdy nylon straps. Installation is simple, requiring no tools, and remains maintenance free.

To determine the size of the Column Sentry protector, carefully measure the length and width of the column area and find a corresponding size below. If covering an "I-beam" or "H-shape" column, be sure of the correct "web" and "flange" measurements before ordering. Also make sure there is nothing mounted on the column to prevent installation of the "H" sized Column Sentry. A square Column Sentry cover will also fit over an "H" shape column.

We carry two sizes that are molded to support a fire extinguisher, designed to fit 8" or 12" columns.

Please choose column size and shape from the drop down menu above.


Column Size Inside Shape & Size Diameter Fire Extinguisher Cutout
PG-CS1442-4S 4" 4" Square 14" No
PG-CS1442-6S 6" 6" Square 20" No
PG-CS2442-10X10H 10" 10" x 10" H-inside (I-Beam) 24" No
PG-CS2442-10X10S 10" 10" Square 24" No
PG-CS2442-12S 12" 12" Square 24" No
PG-CS2442-12SFE 12" 12" Square 24" Yes
PG-CS2442-6S 6" 6" Square 24" No
PG-CS2442-8S 8" 8" Square 24" No
PG-CS2442-8SFE 8" 8" Square 24" Yes
PG-CS2442-8X10H 8" x 10" 8" x 10" H-inside (I-Beam) 24" No
PG-CS2442-9R 9" 9" Round 24" No
PG-CS3342-14S 14" 14" Square 33" No
PG-CS3342-20S 20" 20" Square 33" No
PG-CS3842-12X24S 24" 24" x 12" Rectangle 38" No
PG-CS3842-18S 18" 18" Square 38" No
PG-CS3842-20S 20" 20" Square 38" No
PG-CS4442-30R 30" 30" Round 44" No

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