PureFlo 3000 PAPR Lightweight NIOSH Approved Respirator

PureFlo 3000 PAPR Lightweight NIOSH Approved Respirator

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PureFlo 3000 PAPR Respirator Hood is an innovative all-in-one head, face, and respiratory protection with enhanced comfort and performance. This unique respirator design relies on a lightweight face seal directly behind the visor that cinches comfortably around the face*. Unlike many respirators, the PureFlo 3000 can be used by men with facial hair because the face shield can be manually tightened around most beards. (*The full hood model cinches around the shoulders, not around the face.)

This new all-in-one NIOSH approved air-purifying protection system is lighter weight with a lower profile than the competition. It offers maximum mobility and simplified use, weighing less than 3 lbs in most configurations. Ideal in healthcare & emergency response environments for protection against respiratory hazard particulates. Available with a visor/faceshield and standard face seal or Tychem face seal, or alternately with a full disposable slip-over hood with clear viewing window instead of a face shield, providing enhanced splash protection.

The PureFlo 3000 was awarded Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award. It is modular and provides superior protection for light-to-medium duty industrial environments. An all-in-one respirator optimized for maximum mobility and minimal discomfort. The head-mounted design eliminates the need for hoses and belts, virtually eliminating snag hazards in tight quarters. A breakthrough in head-borne weight, comfort, and durability, the PureFlo 3000 is made for keeping industrial workforces safe, while simultaneously enhancing productivity.

Key Features

  • Adaptable fit means NO fit tests required.
  • All-in-one design includes: 
    • Head protection - structural support frame or with optional blue bump cap (lightweight hard hat) for easier cleaning
    • Eye protection - face shield or body over-hood with clear viewing window
    • Face protection
    • Respiratory protection - full face seal or body hood
    • Ear protection option (Contact us to add # PF3000-04-001 Ear Defenders NNR 22)
  • No support belts, tubes, etc. needed
  • APF 1000 with a face shield and an optional over-hood
  • Low profile and lightweight to minimize fatigue
  • NIOSH approved
  • Low breathing resistance cutting workload
  • Compatible with a fall protection harness
  • High flow rate and no snag hazards
  • Quick change HEPA filter with optional pre-filter and spark arrestor
  • Miniaturized, fast-charging Lithium Ion battery
  • Optional, cost-effective, disposable slip-over hoods can be ordered for the face shield models to minimize contamination risk
  • Optional welding helmet option
  • Optional ear protection accessory
  • Red and green LED light indicates optimal or low battery life/airflow
  • ABS plastic construction with polycarbonate face shield

Each Unit Includes:
1 x User Manual
1 x NIOSH HEPA Filter
2 x Batteries
1 x Battery Charger Kit
1 x Cleaning Plugs

Approvals PureFlo 3000
System Classification Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
Head Protection (Hard Hat) ANSI/ISEA Z89.1:2014 Type 1 Class G
Face-Shield/Eye Protection ANSI/ISEA Z87.1:2015 Impact Rated (Z87+)
Respiratory NIOSH 42CFR84, CSA standard Z94.4
Hearing Protection *Optional* ANSI S12.6-2010 choice of NRR 22, 25, or 28
Filter Type High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter; optional pre-filter,
odor nuisance filter, spark arrestor
Initial Design Flow Rate 230 L/min (170L/min minimum) : 8.1 CFM (6 CFM Minimum)
Noise Level Less than 80 dBA (based on OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95 subpart G)
Assigned Protection Factor (APF) APF 25 (per OSHA assigned protection factor
federal register notice 71:50121-50192,
dated 8/24/2006), APF 1000 with Overhood
Head Size Range 6-3/4" – 8"
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Duration 4-5 Hours
Recharge Time 2 Hours
Environmental Protection IP54 (In use) IP55 (Cleaning), IEC 60509:1989
Weight – Skeleton Cap only 2.1 lbs.

PureFlo 3000 PAPR Models

PF3000-F6NA-03 PF3000 Respirator, Open Frame, Tychem QC Hood
PF3000-F2SB-03 PF3000 Respirator, Open Frame, Clear Visor, Standard Face Seal
PF3000-F2TB-03 PF3000 Respirator, Open Frame, Clear Visor, Tychem QC Face Seal
PF3000-H2SB-03 PF3000 Respirator, Blue Hard Hat, Clear Visor, Standard Face Seal
PF3000-H2TB-03 PF3000 Respirator, Blue Hard Hat, Clear Visor, Tychem QC Face Seal

Optional Accessories and replacement parts (contact us to order)

PF3000-04-001 Ear Defenders NNR 22 ear protection attachment
PF3000-02-002  NIOSH HEPA Filter (5-pack)
PF3000-02-002BP NIOSH HEPA Filter (25-pack)
PF3000-02-002MP NIOSH HEPA Filter (50-pack)
PF3000-04-005 Pre-filter (50-pack)
PF3000-03-072 Filter Cover - Blue
PF3000-03-084 Filter Cover - Black
PF3000-03-061 Filter Cover Retaining Clips (10-pack) (5 sets of 2)
PF3000-03-066 Air inlet adaptor
PF3000-03-066BP Air inlet adaptor (10-pack)
PF3000-03-066MP Air inlet adaptor (250-pack)
PF3000-03-003 Battery
PF3000-03-047 Battery charger kit
PF3000-04-019 10 Station Battery Multicharger **
PF3000-03-015 AC power supply cable North America
PF3000-04-021 12V DC Adapter Cable
PF3000-03-070 Visor Assembly (includes:faceshield, frame, clips and mounting hardware)
PF3000-03-044 Faceshield 
PF3000-04-022 Visor protector (4-pack)
PF3000-03-016 Faceshield Retaining Clips (set of 2, left and right)
PF3000-03-057 Headband (with clips, without straps)
PF3000-03-058 Headband (with clips and straps) (includes comfort pads)
PF3000-03-059 Comfort pad kit
PF3000-03-024 Tychem QC faceseal (10-pack)
PF3000-03-022 Tychem QC disposable drawstring hood (10-pack)
PF3000-03-023 Tychem QC disposable slipover hood (10-pack)
PF3000-03-065 Hood Attachment Blanking Caps (set of 2)
PF3000-03-067 Hard Hat - Blue
PF3000-03-014 Cleaning plugs (set of 3)
PF3000-03-046 PureFlo bag
PR02054SP Purewipes Easy Cleaning Wipes - 100/Pack

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