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RAPID Slit Seal Self-Closing Film for 96-Well Plate, pack/100

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Rapid Slit Seal self-closing well plate film seals micro well plates without adhesive. Designed for HPLC or LC/MS users of microplates, etc. Each opening self closes to reduce evaporation after it has been tested and/or sampled. Pipette tips easily enter through the slotted openings in the Rapid Slit Seal, and then the film re-closes when the pipette is withdrawn, with a 95% air-tight seal over a 22 hour period*.

For Research Use Only

Slit Seal is designed for sealing the surface of 96 well plates. It has 96 slits on the surface, corresponding to the well position of the 96 well plates. The slit area is adhesive free to avoid needle blockage and adhesive contamination; however, the adhesive part around the well spots may not be resistant to organic solvents and can potentially cause minimal contamination, so please evaluate this before using plate seal.

Slit Seal-Instant self closing 96-well plate Seal Features:

  • Pre-cut slits open easily
  • Self-closes instantly
  • No cross-contamination between wells
  • Allows next-day analysis
  • No adhesive on well spot
  • Pipette tips insert easily with less friction
  • Seal size is 80mm x 122 mm (96-well format)
  • Material: PET, Silicone
  • Operating Temperature: -80 to +37°C
  • Minimal solvent evaporation
  • Triple layered film.
  • PET layer reduces friction for very easy handling
  • Lower cost than silicone mats

*Effective at Preventing Evaporation:

  • After 22 hours, 95% of 150 µL water will remain at 37°C
  • After 22 hours, 95% of 150 µL of acetonitrile will remain at 4°C
  • Your results may vary based on solvent type, temperature and volume


  • Only use undamaged and visibly perfect plate seals from intact packages.
  • Dispose of used consumables in accordance with the rule applicable to your laboratory.
  • Do NOT autoclave. When sterilizing please use Ethylene Oxide Gas.
  • Store at room temperature and protect from direct sunlight and UV light.


  • Automation
  • SPE
  • HPLC and LC/MS
  • ADME
  • Organic Synthesis
Material Silicon, PET
Operating Temperature -80o
Size W 80 mm x L 122 mm  


Examples of compatible systems: The RAPID Slit Seal is used within these auto-sampler systems


  • Nano space (Shiseido)
  • Prominence (Shimadzu)
  • ACQUITY UPLC (Waters)
  • 1100, 1200, 1290 series (Agilent Technologies)


  • For auto-samplers
  • To prevent the sample vaporization

RAPID Slit Seal was evaluated the performance of airtightness by measuring the weight of plates over time for 22 hours. 150 µl of acetonitrile and water were dispensed to all wells. The plates were sealed with RAPID Slit Seal and stored at temperature of 4°C and 37°C., respeectively. As a control for complete closed system, aluminum foil seals were used to cover well plates at the same condition. Then, as a control for open system, plates without any cover seals were prepared as described conditions above. The results were presented in percentage of the decrease compared with time zero immediately after the sealing.

RAPID Slit Seal (RSS) Showed high airtightness to acetonitrile and water under the temperature of 4°C (Figure. 2) and 37°C (Figure. 1), respectively.

*  Place 150 µl solvent in 96-well plate (RAPID Tube Plate 600) for measurement



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