Rotary Vane Pump

Rotary Vane Pump

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For applications requiring a greater vacuum depth than an oil-free diaphragm pump can provide, BrandTech® offers rotary vane pumps. VACUUBRAND® Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps have been designed from the ground up for the best performance in laboratory applications. They are extremely low noise and low vibration, even compared to earlier VACUUBRAND® rotary vane models.

Please note: Dual voltage pumps require purchase of power cord. (not included)

Product Features:

  • Rugged
    Exceptional tolerance to water vapor with minimal impact on ultimate vacuum.
  • Energy Efficient
    Low power consumption and low levels of waste heat generation compared to competitive models.
  • Compact
    Take up less space and weigh less than comparable models.
  • Reliability
    All VACUUBRAND® pumps and systems must pass rigorous product testing before leaving the factory. It's your assurance of a reliable pump.

Ultimate Vacuum mbar Free Air Capacity at 60Hz

Model w/o gas ballast w/ gas ballast cfm lpm Flange Inlet
Cat. No.
(dual voltage)
2 x 10-3 1 x 10-2 4.0 113 KF16 10mm
hose nozzle
Pump Model
(Free Air Flow)
(4.0 cfm)
  • Freeze dryers up to six liters
  • Large benchtop centrifugal concentrators
  • For high-boiling solvents

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