Safety Training: Dealing, Drug, Alcohol Abuse Manager Booklet, pack/15

Safety Training: Dealing, Drug, Alcohol Abuse Manager Booklet, pack/15

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MARCOM® Industrial Training Manual. This Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse. for Managers and Supervisors Employee Booklet discusses the various forms of substance abuse that are typically found in the workplace, how managers and supervisors can detect substance abuse problems, and what they should. and shouldn't. do if they discover a worker with a substance abuse problem. Substance abuse in a huge, worldwide problem. An employee with an alcohol or drug problem can decrease productivity, create a hostile working environment and damage a company's good name. Worst of all, the actions of a worker who is under the influence can completely undermine a company's efforts to keep people safe. The booklet includes information on how substance abuse can affect a workplace, laws and regulations related to substance abuse, the role of education and testing in preventing substance abuse, recognizing on-the-job substance abuse, and more. The employee booklet features text, illustrations and a quiz, and is 16 pages in length. Booklets are available in packages of 15.

  • Topic: Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Language: English
  • Classification: General Safety & Health
  • Length (Minutes) :
  • Year Produced: 2006
  • Publisher: MARCOM Group Ltd.
  • Media Type: Booklet

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