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Shrink Bands, 35 x 25mm Tamper Resistant Security Wet Seal, case/1000

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35 x 25 mm
shrink band
  • Shrink Bands, 35 x 25mm Tamper Resistant Security Wet Seal, case/1000
  • Shrink Bands, 35 x 25mm Tamper Resistant Security Wet Seal, case/1000
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measuring shrink bands for bottles and containers

35mm x 25mm Shrink Seal. Cellulose Wet Shrink Bands will arrive in a re-sealable plastic pail with an inner liner that holds the bands in a special solution, so they do not need to be used all at once. Always seal the inner bag tightly after removing seals, and rotate monthly to maintain even moisture.

Easy Tamper Evident Seal for Bottles and Containers. Wet Shrink Bands are easy to apply with no special machinery or heat required. As they dry, they shrink and apply a continuing pressure that holds the closure in place. Cellulose bands are tubular in shape and are kept wet in special shipping containers. They are applied wet and shrink as they dry in a form-fitting seal. They do not leave any residue and are biodegradable but tough and durable.

We strive to make ordering simple and fast:

  1. Measure for the size of seal you will need using the instructions below.
  2. Select your seal size in millimeters (the first number is the measurement for the diameter fit; the second number is the desired cut length)

How to Measure Shrink Band Seals

How do I measure for proper seal size?

You will need a metric ruler as our products are international and are therefore sized on the metric system.

You will measure for two numbers: #1 - the diameter fit, and #2 - the cut length

#1 - Diameter fit: measure the widest point across the top of the lid (see top picture.) Up to 3mm can be added to your measurement as you find the desired size from our selection of bands.

#2 - Cut length: measure the length you would like the seal to cover on your bottle or container (see second picture) ; keep in mind this is a preference measurement. You will need to find (in our online store) the closest size in cut length that will work for your bottle.

In this pictured example, the diameter measures 29mm and the preference is for a band that is 50 millimeters tall. The best fit band, based on the sizes we have in stock, is a 30.5mm x 50mm seal.

And remember: we have many, many sizes and colors available in stock - and should you have any questions, simply give us a call.

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