Titrette Bottletop Burette, 10mL with RS232 interface

Titrette Bottletop Burette, 10mL with RS232 interface

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The Titrette ¨is the new generation of bottletop burette. It has a number of innovative features and upgrades for more accurate and convenient titration.

  • Class A Precision - The Titrette bottletop burette has an innovative new measuring system which matches the Class A accuracy of glass burettes and, if needed, can offer the precision of 3 decimal places below 20mL. This is an important feature for users who need to work within the Class A error limits of glass burettes according to DIN EN ISO 385 or within volumetric tolerance per ASTM E287.
  • User Serviceable - The Titrette ¨ can be quickly and easily disassembled in a matter of minutes - for cleaning, to replace the piston/cylinder, or to replace the batteries. Maintenance is easy and convenient, without the need to send it out for repair.
  • Light Protection to protect light-sensitive media, the installed clear cylinder inspection windows can be easily replaced with the supplied clip-on amber-colored windows.
  • Different Sizes - Available in 10mL, 25mL and 50mL. The new small 10mL size Titrette ¨allows for finer control with greater accuracy and precision for small volume titrations.
  • Low Profile - All components move within the housing, reducing headroom requirements. The compact design and the light weight ensure good stability. The titrating tube can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  • Smooth, Low-Force Operation - The large handwheels provide smooth, precise control from rapid to dropwise titration. An integrated SafetyPrime & valve helps purge bubbles while minimizing splashing and wasting of valuable reagents.
  • Optional Computer Interface - The Titrette ¨is available with a RS232 interface for direct transfer of data to a PC.

The Titrette bottletop burette is supplied with performance certificate, telescoping filling tube (170-330mm), recirculation tube, 2 batteries (AAA/UM4/LR03), 3 polypropylene bottle adapters (45/33mm, 45/40mm and 33/NS 29-42), 2 colored light shield inspection windows, and operating manual.

The Titrette with PC interface contains the following additional items: connector cable (Sub-D plug connector, 9-pin) and a CD with driver software, communication protocol, example application and a special operating manual.


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