Trash Can Liners, Fire-Resistant Aluminum/Poly for Cease-Fire Butt Cans

Trash Can Liners, Fire-Resistant Aluminum/Poly for Cease-Fire Butt Cans

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Disposable Bucket Liner for Smoker's Cease-Fire® Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Optional Justrite Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Can Liners. A new accessory for cleaning convenience - Justrite's Disposable Bucket Liner for Smoking Receptacles. Special laminated aluminum/poly liner makes cigarette butt disposal cleaner and easier than ever! Once the burn resistant liner is full, simply use included twist-tie to close and discard. No need to shake out" nasty butts and ash. Fits any bucket 11-3/4" (298mm) wide x 10" (254mm) high maximum size. When used with Justrite's Elite or Original styled Smokers Cease-Fire® smoking receptacles, the system is FM approved. Item# JP-26827 - Disposable Bucket Liner (pack of 10 with twist ties) and JP-26830 - Bucket Liner Master Pack (25 packs of ten with twist ties = 250 total.) This optional liner makes the bucket easy to clean. When liner is full, simply use the twist ties that are included and discard. The liner and smoker receptacle used together are an FM-approved system. The bucket liner is for hygienic purposes only, and is not intended for use on its own as a flame-retardant mechanism.

Note: If a sand ballast is used for extra weight, do not fill Bucket Liner with sand. Place sand under Liner or under bucket where applicable. Justrite Part # 26827

Ships from either Illinois or California.

Material Specifications Aluminum
Net Weight, lbs 34.0
Dimensions, Exterior 18" H (457mm H)

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