T-Strip Drum Spill Pallet Connector for Ultra-Spill Deck Plus, 26"

T-Strip Drum Spill Pallet Connector for Ultra-Spill Deck Plus, 26"

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Each UltraTech 1131 T-Strip is 26 inches length.


  • Prevents spills from going between decks
  • 26 inches length (Use 2 for Longer spill pallet sides)
  • T-strip
  • Ultra-Spill Pallet

Q& A

What does a t-strip do?  

The T-Strips lay across the point where two Spill Decks come together.  By “bridging the gap” this piece diverts spills to either of the Decks and keeps any spillage from getting between the units.

I need to add another Spill Deck to the one I already have.  What do I need?  

Other than the additional Spill Deck, you’ll need one Bulkhead Fitting (part# UT-1073) and one T-Strip (part# UT-1131) for every 27-1/4" of Spill Deck length that is connected.  For example, if you’re connecting a 4-Drum Spill Deck to another 4-Drum Spill Deck you would need two Bulkhead Fittings and two T-Strips.  If, on the other hand, you were connecting a 2-Drum Spill Deck on the short end, you would only need one each of the Bulkhead Fitting and T-Strip.

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