10" DroolShield Shield

UniTherm 10" DroolShield Shield

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DroolShield® Shield 10"

DroolShield® Shield provides ADDITIONAL protection for your injection molder machines with bigger cavities.

DroolShield® protects heater bands, wiring and insulation from the expensive and damaging effects of drool blow back. This eco-friendly, long-term solution for protecting your heater bands and blankets can withstand high temperatures up to 700°F. DroolShield® is a PTFE-coated, aircraft steel disc (clean-room suitable) that withstands temperatures up to 700ºF (370ºC.) That makes this product a three-fold blow-back solution for you — reusable, long-term and affordable.

NOTE: DroolShield® Shield do not come with a DroolShield® Hubs. DroolShield® Hubs must be ordered/purchased separately.


  • Protects heater bands, wiring, & insulation
  • Cleans easily & saves time
  • Tolerates high temperatures

Ideal for: Injection molding

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