UniTherm ISO-Elbow Pipe Jacket, 14"L x 90 Degree

UniTherm ISO-Elbow Pipe Jacket, 14"L x 90 degree

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UniTherm ISO-Elbow Pipe Jacket, 14"L x 90 Degree. Pipe and Valve Insulation

ISOCOVERS Insulation Systems offer a broad base of superior, energy-saving solutions that conserve energy, preserve process temperatures and improve workplace safety. ISOCOVERS Insulation Systems are used on various applications within the process industry where heat conservation and process temperature are concerns.

ISOCOVERS ISO-ELBOW Insulation Jackets are suitable for bends in piping systems, including 45 and 90-degree pipe elbow fittings, or the like.

Features & Benefits:
  • ISOCOVERS Insulation Systems create a SAFER WORKING ENVIRONMENT for your employees and increase equipment lifespan by protecting key components from high temperatures.
  • ISOCOVERS Insulation Systems are made with STANDARD, READILY AVAILABLE, OFF-THE-SHELF COMPONENTS that can be easily configured for almost any application requirement.
  • ISOCOVERS Insulation Systems are COMPLIANT WITH OSHA SAFE-TOUCH STANDARDS for exposed heated surfaces (if there is a potential for injury.)
  • ISOCOVERS Insulation Systems deliver an INCREASED CONTROL OF PROCESS TEMPERATURES to enhance production capacity by reducing the amount of energy needed to keep equipment running at high temperatures.
Using ISOCOVERS Insulation Systems IN.

The market sectors with attractiveness for waste heat recovery includes:

  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Textiles
  • Metal processing
  • Rubber
  • Shipbuilding
  • Power generation
  • HVAC industry
  • Elbows
  • Elbows, threaded
  • Elbow 90º, butt weld fittings
  • Elbow 45º, butt weld fittings
  • Bends 90º, butt weld fittings
  • Sockets weld elbows 90º
  • Elbows 45º, socket weld
  • Elbow, NPT-threaded
  • 45º pipe elbow
  • 90º street elbow
  • 45º street elbow
  • Male and Female pipe elbow
  • Item: Valve Insulation
  • Length: 14in/356mm
  • Degree: 90º
  • Thickness: 3in/76mm
  • Insulation Material: Mineral Wool, Fiberglass
  • Jacket Material: Silicone Coated Fiberglass Cloth
  • Diameter Range: 12in-14in/305mm-356mm
  • Fastening System: Hook, SS Wire
  • Approx. "R" Factor: .48
  • Max Temp /Continuous Use: 900F/483C & 800F/426C
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 16.11lbs/7.31kg
  • Fit: Universal
  • Circumference Range: 38in-44in/965mm-1118mm

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