VersaCap Screw Cap, 83B, EZ-Top, Open Top Cap with Closed Adapter

VersaCap® Screw Cap, 83B, EZ-Top, Open Top Cap with Closed Adapter

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80mm (83B) Open Cap with EZ Top System Closed. VersaCap EZ Top Systems are aseptic handling solutions for high purity fluids and sensitive biologicals in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and laboratory liquid transfer applications. Customize your new EZgrip Carboys and HD Bottles or existing plastic carboys and bottles for aseptic fluid transfer sampling or sealing.

VersaCaps are available in open and closed configurations. Closed caps come with a platinum-cured silicone gasket that is designed to be leakproof. Features large finger and hand grips, for easy loosening and tightening. Open caps come with a closed adapter which is interchangeable with other VersaCaps adapters to allow users to quickly customize the carboy to match their specific application requirements. Adapters come in closed, bioprocess, molded-in barb and valved quick-disconnect varieties.

VersaCaps adapters include a variety of barb configurations, including quick-connect options and molded barbs, in port combinations of two, three, and four. Quick-connect barbs come in 1/4" (6.35 mm) and 3/8"(9.525 mm) sizes. Molded-in barbs come in 1/4" (6.35 mm) and 1/2" (12.70 mm) sizes.

Quick-connect hose barb options include quick-connect port combinations of two, three, and four, with 1/4" and 3/8" hose barb sizes, as well as molded-in hose barb options, available with 1/8", 1/4", 5/16", and 1/2" sizes. The Clearview adapter is also available for users who need a crystal-clear window into the carboy for visualizing solution homogenization.

  • High purity platinum-cured silicone insert with or without tubing
  • Eliminate pouring of high valued products through this leak-proof aseptic system
  • Made from Class VI autoclavable materials

VersaCap are made from polypropylene, which may be autoclaved at 15 PSI and 121°C (250°F) for 20 minutes.

Manufactured in the USA. BPA free. Autoclavable.

Please note: Foxx Products are manufactured in a Clean Room and cannot be returned or exchanged.


  • Product Dimensions (millimeters) (L x W x H) : 128 x 128 x 75
  • Cap Size: 83mm
  • Cap Style: Open
  • Adapter: Closed EZtop Silicone
  • Cap Material: Polypropylene

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