Weatherproof outdoor cabinet, 30 gal Self-Closing, 2-Door

Weatherproof outdoor cabinet, 30 gal Self-Closing, 2-Door

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30 gallon
safety cabinet


Outdoor Locker, 30 gallon Self-Latching, Standard 2-Door

Self-Latch Standard 2-Door Securall® Weatherproof cabinets offer the same dependable storage for flammables and combustibles as our standard safety cabinet line with added protection from the elements.

Double-Wall Weatherproof cabinets are all-welded, 18-gauge construction using galvannealed steel and painted with a weather-resistant, impact-resistant urethane finish that is also resistant to ultra-violet rays. All Cabinets STANDARD Features a sloped roof with a 2 3/4" overhang along with interior and exterior astragals to prevent rain penetration. Weatherproof cabinets come standard with corrosion resistant flush-mounted stainless steel locking handle, but may be upgraded to galvanized High Security Hasp Lock. Easily move these cabinets to the appropriate work location using built-in heavy gauge fork lift channels and secure them with fully-welded 7-gauge steel Bolt-Down Brackets with 7/8" diameter opening.

Weatherproof package available on all standard cabinet models with manual and self-closing door styles. Self-closing Safe-T-Doors have fusible links that melt at 165°F allowing the doors to automatically close and latch. Cabinets meet: EPA 40 CFR 264, 265, NFPA Code 30 & OSHA 1910 requirements.

7. Large Warning label
2. Galvanized steel shelving 8. 3-point self latching (Non Sparking) doors.
3. Double wall construction with 1 1/2" air space 9. Continuous piano hinge
4. Flush mounted locking handle 10. Adjustable zinc plated leveling legs
5. Static grounding bolt current OSHA compliant 11. Two 2" vents with flash arrestors
6. Reinforced 18-gauge all-welded construction 12. Leak proof sill 2" deep

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