GHS Safety Labeled Wash Bottles

GHS Safety Labeled Wash Bottles

ghs-diamond.jpgPre-labeled Wash Bottles come with permanent writing indicating the contents of the wash bottle, including ACETONE, ETHANOL, METHANOL, MEK, DISTILLED WATER, IMS, ISOPROPANOL, MACHINE OIL, DEIONIZED WATER, DICHLOROMETHANE, ETHYL ACETATE, SALINE SOLUTION, SOAP, SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, TOLUENE, WATER Or Label Your Own

Pre-labeled wash bottles feature:

  • Indelibly printed text in up to 4 languages (Multi-lingual designs include English, French, German & Spanish)
  • Choose from four types of labels, including the new Globally Harmonized Symbols (GHS), NFPA diamond, risk phrases & basic safety information
  • Fitted with color coded PP closures
  • Closures feature precision jet-tip aperture for fine control

Wide mouth GHS wash bottles feature DripLok® vapor venting valve that prevents solvent drips.

GHS Compliant Multilingual wash bottles come in LDPE (most common) or autoclavable polypropylene (DL-506495-0005, great for harsher chemicals such as dichloromethane and MEK / methyl ethyl ketone.)