3ft to 9ft Adjustable 1000ml Water Sample Dipper Plastic

3ft to 9ft Adjustable 1000mL Water Sample Dipper Plastic

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3ft to 9ft adjustable 1000ml water sample dipper plastic. For taking samples of water, sewage, wastes and effluents from lakes, streams, tanks, or ponds, the water sample dipper provides a long reach for otherwise inaccessible spots.

  • 1000ml graduated polypropylene plastic pitcher mounted on an aluminum tube handle
  • Handle has 3 parts, a 91cm (3') lower section, a 112cm (44") telescoping section, and an additional 91cm (3') upper section
  • Connections are made with spring buttons with adjusting steps, 15cm (6") apart
  • Minimum handle length is 91cm (3'), maximum length is 274cm (9')
  • Handle diameter is 2.5cm (1") with 2.2cm (7/8") telescoping tube

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