4" ECO Funnel® System, 5 gallon with PP Quick Disconnect

4" ECO Funnel® System, 5 gallon with PP Quick Disconnect

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PP Quick-Disconnect
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This 4" ECO Funnel® system includes a 5 gallon Justrite® Poly HPLC Waste Disposal Cans with Polypropylene Quick Disconnect fittings. Our patented ECO Funnel features a latching lid with gasket to keep fumes contained. A removable large particle filter catches stir bars or other items. This funnel connects to the QD fitting on one side of the safety can, allowing unfettered access to the large opening. The safety can offers a safe and easy way to collect liquid waste. Durable polyethylene container with large, strategically placed opening facilitates controlled pouring into larger vessels for proper hazardous waste disposal. Opening is equipped with a stainless steel flame arrestor which dissipates heat to prevent flashback ignition. Fixed position latch on handle allows lid to stay open for easier pouring. Translucent color lets you check liquid level at a glance. FM Approved. Customize with HPLC

Dimensions: Lid Open 12"L x 15"W x 27.5"H
Dimensions: Lid Closed 12"L x 15"W x 22"H
Funnel 4" ECO Funnel® EF-4-38-006N
Container 5 Gal Safety Can JP-PP12755
Secondary Container None


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  • 4" diameter opening
  • 450 mL fluid capacity
  • Latching lid with inner gasket
  • Chemical resistant HDPE construction
  • Removable stir-bar catcher screen
  • Can be custom fitted with up to 6 HPLC waste lines
  • Funnel top without the stem measures 5" W x 7"L
  • Made in the USA

Benefits of ECO Funnel®

  • Solves the "open waste container" problem.
  • Prevents emissions of 99.9% of volatile waste solvents, acids, and bases in the laboratory.
  • Maintains an average cost of approximately $0.07 per day, assuming a four-year product use.
  • Has a unique, patented design that meets most local, state and federal safety regulations and requirements.
  • May be used again and again and resists nearly all corrosive chemicals.
  • Is considered a state of the art product by environmental health and safety officers and industry professionals.
  • Applies to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Academic and Government laboratories and is widely used.
  • Small footprint allows for use in a fume hood

The ECO Funnel is the ultimate lab safety product for collection of hazardous liquid waste. Its unique, patented design performs two functions, acting as both a sealed waste container and also as a solvent funnel. The 4" ECO Funnel® is made of HDPE and has a 450 mL fluid capacity. This solvent waste funnel is designed with a custom screw cap which secures it to a specified waste container. It also features a closed-cell HDPE gasket inside the lid and a sturdy positive latch which ensures the lid remains securely closed. A removable filter is also built into the interior to reduce the loss of stir bars or other large particles in the waste liquid. The ECO Funnel is a pass-through system, meaning chemicals are not sitting in the funnel for any length of time, so it's HDPE construction is compatible with most solvents including those that need to be stored in glass. Check Chemical Compatibility with HDPE.

Extended Information

Please note: Because of the complex nature of chemicals, Justrite and/or CP Lab Safety cannot offer specific recommendations on chemical compatibility [for your safety can]. Your chemical supplier, MSDS sheets, or other expert sources should be consulted. To aid in your decision process to select the appropriate Justrite and/or CP Lab Safety product for your application, contact Justrite and/or CP Lab Safety Customer Service to obtain sample material parts for you to test with the chemicals you are using. Justrite and/or CP Lab Safety makes no guarantee of results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with the use of these products and their application relative to their chemical compatibility. It is the end user's sole responsibility to determine the nature of the materials to be contained and to select the proper product suitable for a particular application. Furthermore, it is the end user's responsibility to insure that the product selected is suitable for its intended use. Justrite and/or CP Lab Safety makes no warranty, expressed or implied of merchantability or fitness for purpose, and assumes no liability in connection with any product made or sold by Justrite and/or CP Lab Safety with regard to its use or chemical compatibility.

ECO Funnel FAQ

Does the ECO Funnel® comply with regulations for emissions from open waste containers?
Yes. The primary function of the ECO Funnel is to reduce the emission of volatile solvents to near zero, while providing a convenient way to handle temporary waste in the lab.

Are there any chemicals that should be avoided when using the ECO Funnel®?
Yes, you should avoid strong acids, bases and oxidizers that can jeopardize HDPE.

Can the ECO Funnel® be kept on the waste bottle 24 hrs a day?
We recommend that the ECO Funnel be removed from a waste container when not in use, just like any other funnel. They are for the collection of temporary waste only. Waste should be frequently transferred to a more permanent waste container for optimum safety.

Read all our ECO Funnel FAQ

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