8oz (240mL) Safety Coated Clear Boston Round, 24-400 Green Thermoset F217 & PTFE Lined Caps, case/108

8 oz Safety Coated Clear Boston Round Bottles, 24-400 Green Thermoset F217 & PTFE Lined Caps, case/108

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Closure Size:
250 mL / 8 ounce
safety coated glass
boston round
Closure Style:
screw thread
Cap Liner:
F217 foam & PTFE


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8oz (240ml) Safety Coated Clear Boston Round with 24-400 Green Thermoset F217 & PTFE Lined Cap attached. Safety Coated Clear Boston Round Bottles offer maximum visibility and sample integrity. The safety coating on these bottles protects the container from being affected by pressure build up. If the glass breaks, the plastisol coating contains the substance in the bottle long enough to allow for proper disposal. These bottles are slip and impact resistant, making them the perfect bottle for handling volatile substances.

Attached green thermoset (phenolic) are known for providing the widest range of chemical compatibility and for being the most temperature tolerant of plastic closures. The color green easily identifies the PTFE liner system. Foam backed PTFE liners resist attack from virtually all chemicals at room temperature and provides resilience for a tight seal with a low moisture transmission rate. F217 has a low density foam core between two solid layers of LDPE. Uses include analytical lab samples, high purity chemicals, strong acids solvents, environmental samples, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic reagents.

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