Biohazard Bag Stand, Large with 100 Autoclavable Bags, Poxygrid

Biohazard Bag Stand, Large with 100 Autoclavable Bags, Poxygrid

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coated wire
biohazard waste


The stainless steel wire frame and bottom is designed to securely support the bag and its contents. In addition, the polypropylene bottom also serves as a containment tray in the event of inadvertent bag leakage. Tray is safety orange in color for easy identification as a biohazard containment system. Base is steam Sterilizable at 121°C (250°F) to maintain sterility. The bag holder with its small footprint is ideal for benchtop use. These lightweight units are shipped unassembled for more economical transportation. Assembly is easy and is permanent. Stainless steel wire frame, polypropylene bottom.

Base Tray Dimension: 35.6 x 35.6cm (14 x 14")
Height: 69.6cm (27.2")
Bag Dimensions: 61 x 91cm (24 x 36")

Included autoclavable bags are 1.5 mil thick and are made from virgin-grade polypropylene to meet or exceed the Dart Impact Resistance Test requirement of 165 grams per ASTM D1709-98. These bags feature a pre-printed sterilization indicator patch, which darkens when bag is autoclaved. The bags are labeled with the standard biohazard warning symbol and precautionary protocols in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

  • 1.5mL thick bags made of virgin-grade polypropylene with red warning label
  • Translucent with Sterilization Indicator Patch
  • Can be autoclaved at 135C (275F)

This set includes:

  • Part# BA-131920003 Scienceware Large Biohazard Bag Stand
  • Part# BA-131620009 100 Biohazard Bags

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