Certified Clean 40mL Clear Borosilicate Glass Vials, Preserved, 0.2mL, Hydrochloric Acid, case/72

Certified Clean 40mL Clear Borosilicate Glass Vials, Preserved, 0.2mL, Hydrochloric Acid, case/72

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40 mL
borosilicate glass
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Level 1 cleaned & certified


Pre-Cleaned & Certified 40mL Clear Glass Vials, Vial, preserved with 1:1 0.2mL Hydrochloric Acid. Pre-Cleaned Vials are made of high quality Type 1 borosilicate glass.

These preserved containers are empty except for the designated amount of preservative in each container. The 1:1 ratio is a blend of full strength chemical mixed 1:1 with de-ionized water. Also available is a 1:3 ratio, which is a standard method requirement for certain tests. (Call for quotation.)

We offer preserved containers because certain analytical methods require a certain preservative to stabilize the compounds of interest. Without preservatives, the sample would need to be tested very quickly (within an hour in some cases) , and the preservative allows a longer timeframe to get a sample back to the lab. This common practice in the environmental testing world is aided by the use of preserved sample containers, since many samples are collected in remote locations.

Level 1 Cleaned Sample Containers are processed to meet or exceed requirements of EPA "Specifications and Guidance for Containment Free Sample Containers". Analysis is conducted by an independent Laboratory and a traceable, lot-numbered specific Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided with each case of containers. As additional quality control, each case is marked with the lot number and sealed with custody tape.

Level 1 Containers

  • Meet full EPA quality assurance standards
  • Are lot number labeled for traceability
  • Cases have tamper proof security from top to bottom
  • Have a Certificate of Analysis issued for each bottle case sold
  • Undergo strict quality control analysis
  • Analyzed by an independent laboratory

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