Drum Faucets and Siphons

Dispensing faucets for horizontal drums

Justrite self-closing Drum Faucets incorporate an internal flame arrester which prevents flashback of fire into the drum. Brass and stainless steel faucets feature a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)® seal; zinc faucets have a Buna-N gasket. Adjustable models screw tightly into drum and can be adjusted to dispensing position, with spout downward, without thread damage or leakage. Faucet extensions provide extra dispensing accuracy and prevents spills.

For trouble-free dispensing of viscous noncorrosive flammables such as adhesives, paint or heavy oils above 2000 SSU (about 30W oil), use Justrite's 2" gate valves and/or .75" Viscous Liquids Faucets. Flame arresters are not provided on viscous liquid faucets.

Justrite Drum Siphon Adapter is the simple solution for nearly complete drainage of liquids out of 30- and 55-gallon drums, eliminating the need for dangerous drum tipping or rolling. Unique siphon action empties residual solvents from a typical two to three gallons down to the last few ounces. Made of solid cast brass, the adapter will hold-up under heavy use with compatible liquids. One end of the adapter accepts a standard .75" drum faucet and the opposite end screws into a .75" drum bung opening. An adjustable collar accommodates bungs in varying positions to maximize siphoned liquid volume. Not only are you getting the benefit of using nearly all the drum contents, you won't have to pay the high cost associated with removal of large volumes of hazardous liquids.