DURAN® GLS-80 Stirred Reactor Cap with Impeller Stirrer for 250mL Bottle

DURAN® GLS-80 Stirred Reactor Cap with Impeller Stirrer for 250mL Bottle

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250 mL / 8 ounce
borosilicate glass
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stirring cap


DURAN® Stirred Reactor Wide Mouth Cap for 250mL Baffle Bottles, GLS-80 with Impeller Shaped Magnetic Stirrer, 4 Connection-Ports (2 x GL-18 and, 2 x GL-14 ports). Duran Stirred reactor cap with magnetic anchor style stirrer, complete with a 250mL DURAN GLS80 glass bottle, Polypropylene Screw Cap (gray and blue), 1 x GL-14 screw cap (blue PP), 2 x GL-14 screw caps (red PBT), and 2 x GL-18 screw caps (red PBT).
  • 62mm diameter Anchor
  • For Use with GLS-80 Stirring Reactor Equipment
  • Suitable for use in the biological sector
  • The agitating elements are exchangeable and use up to 500 rpm is possible
  • Autoclavable at 121°C
  • Max temperature 140°C

The GLS 80 stirred reactor is suitable for a wide range of laboratory mixing processes. The connections provided permit addition or removal of media from the bottle during the mixing process. The whole unit can be autoclaved and is therefore suitable for biological applications.

By using components from the GLS 80 connection system, an additional media bottle (Tubing outer diameter: 1.6 - 12.0 mm) can be connected or a sterile pressure equalizer attached. Drive for the stirrer may provided by a standard commercial magnetic stirrer.

The variable stirrer shaft can be used in DURAN GLS 80 laboratory glass bottles (1,000 mL and 2,000 mL) and provides notably improved mixing in comparison with standard magnetic stir bars. The stirrer unit is interchangeable and can be used up to 500 rpm is possible.

Typical applications: mixing of liquids, dissolving of solids, simple fermentation processes

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