DURAN® HPLC Port Cap System, GL45, 4-Port Cap, 1000mL, pack/2

DURAN® HPLC Port Cap System, GL45, 4-Port Cap, 1000mL, pack/2

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borosilicate glass


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DURAN® HPLC Port Cap System, GL45 PRESSURE PLUS Bottle, 4-Port Cap, 1000mL. The DURAN PRESSURE PLUS+ HPLC bottles provide safe, sterile transfer of media or for feeding solvent to HPLC instruments. The four ports make it possible to serve three stations at the same time from one container. The fourth port should be used for sterile pressure equalization. This HPLC bottle system is suitable for tubing ID of 1.6 mm (1/16") and 3.2 mm (1/8"). Ports that are not in use can be closed with a silicone seal. Spare parts are available individually. Tubing is not included.

DURAN HPLC Bottle systems include the following:

  • (1) DURAN Pressure plus laboratory bottle
  • (1) 4-Port Screw Cap
  • (4) threaded tubing adapters, black, M8
  • Silicone blanking seals for unused ports
  • Connectors for tube diameters of 1.6mm and 3.2mm
  • Sterile pressure equalization sets

DURAN HPLC Bottle Advantages

  • Bottle has a special geometry according to ISO 4796, and is pressure/vacuum resistant in a range from -1 to +1.5 bar. The pressure resistance has been safety tested as per EN 1596 and is TÜV-GS certified.
  • Port Cap is made of PTFE and PP and can be completely autoclaved together with the bottle. It is not necessary to take the system apart first.
  • The optional silicone seals can also be used as septum for subsequent addition of additives.
  • The enclosed system keeps toxic gases inside the bottle.
  • Evaporation of expensive substances is reduced.
  • The system is suitable for universal use because the screw cap is based on the standardized ISO GL 45 thread.

Pressure Plus Bottle Features

  • Designed to safely withstand pressure differentials.
  • Manufactured from DURAN borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack
  • Industry standard GL45 DIN thread
  • Blue ceramic graduations are easy-to-read
  • Graduations and large labeling field are permanent, highly durable, fired-on ceramic
  • Autoclavable / sterilizable to 121°C
  • Manufacturing traceability is offered through a lot specific Retrace Code printed on the bottle

Uses and Applications

  • Feeding solvents (eluents) to HPLC machines
  • Disposal of waste media
  • Use in all self-contained systems entailing sterile transfer of culture media under pressure (e.g. fermenter).
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HDPE Bottle Kit


Optional Accessories and Replacement Parts
DUR-1129812 HPLC Screw Cap, GL45, 4 Port, Complete Kit
(1) Port Cap, (4) M8 tubing adapters, (12) silicone seals
DUR-1129813 Spare part set for HPLC screw cap  (including silicone seals)
DUR-1137801 Pressure compensation set 4-port cap (0.2 μm incl. membrane filter)  
DUR-1129819 Spare membrane filter for pressure compensation set, 0.2 μm  

Note: When pressure loaded the following apply: thermal shock resistance 30 K and maximum usage temperature is + 140°C.

*Bottle with plastic coating is available as a custom order. Contact us for a quote.

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