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DWYER Airflow Meter Vaneometer

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Dwyer Air Flow Meter Continuously displays face velocity of the ductless fume hood. Use a Vaneometer Swing Vane Anemometer to measure velocity of air flow into laboratory fume hoods to determine when to change filters, or wherever needed to meet OSHA standards of ventilation for smoke, dust or fume removal. Durable instrument specifically designed to simplify the measurement of low air velocities from 25 to 400 feet per minute. OSHA, EPA and other safety ventilation requirements for fume hoods can now be quickly checked, even by untrained personnel.

  • Can mount directly to a fume hood with screws without need for brackets.
  • Its small size and light weight (4 ounces) make it ideal to carry from one work station to another.
  • Accurate to ±5% of full scale to 100 FPM and ±10% from 100 FPM to top of scale.
  • It has a spirit level to ensure accurate readings and the large scales are easy to read and visible from both sides.
  • The housing is molded from tough ABS plastic and easy to clean with soap and water.
  • The polyester vane can be cleaned with lacquer thinner.
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