Justrite® VaporTrap Carbon Filter for Safety Cabinets, set/2

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Justrite® VaporTrap Carbon Filter for Safety Cabinets reduces the harmful VOC vapors found inside safety cabinets and protects the air your breathe.Reduces harmful VOC vapors found inside safety cabinets

  • Stainless steel wire mesh cartridge containing activated carbon adsorbs volatile organic chemical vapors
  • Cylindrical design allows 360 degree air flow for maximum surface contact
  • High strength magnets offer flexible placement/repositioning anywhere within cabinet

Activated carbon filter medium contained in a stainless steel mesh cartridge reduces volatile organic chemical vapors inside cabinets containing flammable liquids. Unique cylindrical design provides more adsorption surface area. Magnetized 4" x 5.5" (102mm x 139mm) base attaches easily and can be repositioned anywhere.
Date notation area on label serves as a reminder for replacement; life cycle varies based upon vapor types and concentrations.
Improve your work environment:

  • Reduce employee's inhalation exposure to harmful VOCs
  • Lower emissions of VOCs into the atmosphere

VaporTrap Filter

Nom. Dimensions
Filter L x Dia. (inch)
Nom. Dimensions
Filter L x Dia. (mm)
Ship Wt.
VaporTrap Filter (2 pk.)
8.75 x 2.25
222 x 57 4

Note: Due to variables such as the chemical itself, its purity or its vapor pressure, temperature, humidity, charcoal age, etc, it is difficult to estimate VOC vapor adsorption rates. The Justrite VaporTrap Carbon Filter is not intended to be used as a substitute for using "safe closed containers" as required by OSHA and the EPA. It is important to clean up spills and residues from the cabinet and containers.

Little Known Fact About Carbon
The highly porous surface structure of activated carbon, with its huge surface area, makes it a superior filtering medium for volatile vapors. It is estimated that a pound (.454 kg) of highly activated carbon has a surface area approaching 140 acres (56.66 hectares.)


  • Model No.: 29916
  • International Model No.: 29916
  • Material Specifications: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions, Exterior: 8.75" L x 2.25" Outer Dia.
  • 222mm D x 222mm L x 57mm Outer Dia.
  • Net Weight, lbs: 3.5
  • Net Weight, kg: 1.6

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Prop 65 Warning

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