Research Antibiotics, Oxantel pamoate, 5 gram

Research Antibiotics, Oxantel Pamoate, 5 grams

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5 gram


Oxantel pamoate, 5 gram.

Made by an ISO 9001:2015 certified antibiotic manufacturer focused on creating antibiotics through fermentation.

By removing contamination and streamlining gene selection, these research antibiotics help scientists make discoveries in cell/plant biology, microbiology, virology, stem cell therapy, and cancer research. Specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotech research sectors.

These products are specifically designed for research use and are not approved for human or animal consumption. Not FDA approved.

Note: These chemicals are for research & laboratory use only. Your order will not be processed if you do not ship to a registered laboratory or research facility.

Please note: This product is not returnable.

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