Safety Barrier Cart, 5 Stanchions, 75' Belt Barrier

Safety Barrier Cart, 5 Stanchions, 75' Belt Barrier

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The Banner Stakes® Safety Barrier Mobile Storage Cart with 5 portable stanchions provides up to 75 ft of safety barricade. Mobile Carts provide an easy, portable barricade system with unique safety benefits. Ideal for crowd control, pedestrian safety, and parking control. Also useful for temporary blocking of loading docks, elevators and corridors, escalators, bathrooms, wide aisles, or for lock out/tag out of down equipment.


  • 1 industrial strength metal cart
  • 5 adjustable height stanchions with removable spikes (for turf applications)
  • 5 stanchion bases
  • 5 banner heads with 15' of retractable belt barrier each, with push-pin lock system


  • Cart allows for quick application of up to 75' of barrier system
  • Foot lock brake on the cart prevents motion when cart is left unattended
  • Industrial wheels for easy maneuverability on all types of surfaces
  • Velcro tie downs keep bases firmly in place so they cannot fall or tip with movement
  • Foam handle for comfort
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Rust-proof
  • Belt barricade tape is made of 2.5" wide polyester woven fabric (red, orange, yellow, black or diagonal stripe)
  • Stanchions feature a twist-off removable spike for dual purpose use: embed into soft ground surfaces with the spike or secure into the included portable bases by removing the spike.
  • Stanchion with telescoping stake extends from 19" - 42" high
  • Bases are hollow and can be filled with up to 18lbs of water or 30lbs of sand

Banner Stakes is the industry standard for quality and dependability in retractable safety barriers. A must-have for any work place where safety, savings, and the environment are a concern. Offering top quality portable safety barricades for any industry: Automotive, Aviation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Janitorial & Sanitation, MRO, Construction, Healthcare, Crowd Control, Safety, Equipment Maintenance, Warehousing, and Traffic Control.

Message and Color options include:

  • Yellow with text "Caution"
  • Yellow with text "Caution - Cuidado"
  • Yellow with text "Caution - Do Not Enter"
  • Yellow with text "Wet Floor"
  • Yellow with text "Authorized Personnel Only"
  • Yellow with text "Cleaning in Progress"
  • Yellow with text "Out of Service"
  • Yellow with text "Closed for Maintenance"
  • Yellow (Blank)
  • Red with text "Restricted Area"
  • Red with text "Restricted Area"
  • Red with text "Danger - Keep Out"
  • Red with text "Danger - Keep Out"
  • Red with text "Danger High Voltage Keep Out"
  • Red with text "Do Not Enter - Arc Flash Boundary"
  • Red (Blank)
  • Orange with text "Keep Area Clear"
  • Orange with text "Danger - Biohazard"
  • Orange with text "Danger - Forklift Traffic"
  • Orange (Blank)
  • Black (Blank)
  • Black/Yellow Stripe (Blank)
  • White/Red Stripe (Blank)

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